History of

Blessed Gérard's Hospice

3 September 1996:
Blessed Gérard's Hospice
was opened on the Feast of Blessed Gérard.

A comprehensive report on the opening

9 July 2000:
A new wing was added and opened.

A press release on the ceremony

15 December 2002:
Further additions to increase the ward area were made.

Click here to see the floor plan and a section view
Press release about the blessing and opening ceremony on 15.12.2002

15 October 2006:
Blessed Gérard's Feast

Anniversary Function commemorating 10 years Blessed Gérard's Hospice

22 June 2008:
We built another Extension to Blessed Gérard's Care Centre in 2007/2008

Blessing and opening on the Solemnity of St. John the Baptist

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