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Have a heart for a heart !

Mrs. Marjorie Clark had to have open heart surgery (a triple bypass). The operation was absolutely necessary and has saved her life, but medical aid will only cover approximately a quarter of the cost. The remainder of about 35000,-- Rand has to be paid for privately. We have promised to guarantee this payment, so that she will not have to worry about the finances. Therefore we start this Fund which we called "Have a heart for a heart" and we ask you to donate generously, so that we can help Marj to pay for her operation. Any donations may be kindly given directly to us, the Brotherhood of Blessed Gérard, as we pay for the operation directly. You may give your donation in a closed envelope directly to Father Gérard or send a cheque by mail.

Please continue to help us to help!

This appeal was very successful and we could assist Mrs. Clark with the finances needed.

Ever since we have helped several other people, who could not afford necessary medical treatment otherwise.

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