Please send your donation to:

Brotherhood of Blessed Gérard
P O Box 440
Mandeni 4490
Republic of South Africa

We have no difficulties to bank any local or foreign Cheques.
It is not advisable to send cash by mail.
Rather send a postal order (payable in South Africa!!!) or send your donation by registered mail.

You may also send us donations via PayPal:


If you live in South Africa:

You may make a donation directly into our banking account. Our banking details are as follows:

Name of Account:
Type of account:
Account number:
Branch code:
Swift Code:

Blessed Gérard's Care Centre
Current Account
First National Bank
529 4004 0349

Please ensure that you put your personal details on the deposit or send the information directly to us, so that we can acknowledge and assign your donation properly. 

The most convenient solution for both sides would be if you organised a stop order on your account, if you want to donate regularly.

You may also give us a Debit Order authority.

If you live in the USA:

Thanks to the generosity of the Benedictine Mission House in Schuyler, Nebraska, we can now offer you a convenient way of making donations towards our work, inside the United States, with the possibility of declaring your donation on your tax return.

Cheques should be made out to
"Benedictine Mission House" with a remark
"Brotherhood of Blessed Gérard" (Please do not forget this!)

These should then be sent to:

Benedictine Mission House
P. O. Box 528
Schuyler, Nebraska 68661

People who have made a donation of more than $200 will receive a tax certificate immediately from the Mission House and donors of smaller amounts would receive one at the end of the tax year, if they want to declare their donations on their tax returns.


Or donate online:

US-Dollars - $

If you live in Canada:

Make out a check to the “Order of Malta”,

mark it “for the Brotherhood of Blessed Gérard”

and send it to:

Order of Malta
1247 Kilborn Place
Ottawa ON K1H 6K9

You will receive a Canadian tax receipt for the full amount.


Or donate online:

CAD - Canadian Dollars

If you live in Great Britain / United Kingdom:

  1. You may send a cheque:

    Please make the cheque out to “
    BASMOM Foreign Aid Service”,
    attach a note, that the donation is meant to support the Brotherhood of Blessed Gérard
    and send it to this address:

    The Hospitaller BASMOM,
    Mr Tim Orchard
    Layer Breton Lodge
    Layer Breton
    Colchester CO2 0PP
  2. You may deposit your donation directly into the banking account of the BASMOM
    and mark it for the Brotherhood of Blessed Gérard:

    Name of Account:
    BASMOM Foreign Aid Service
    HSBC Bank plc, Pall Mall, London
    Account number:
    Sort/branch code: 40 05 20
  3. In any case, please make a Gift Aid Declaration:
Alternatively you may donate online:

GBP - £ (Pound Sterling - British Pounds)

How far your donation goes ...

With 50 £ ...
... we can pay for the total cost for 4 patients or 4 children for 1 day in our hospice or children's home.
... we can send 2 children of our children's home to the local pre-primary school for a month.
... we can train one unemployed woman as a seamstress in our sewing school.

With 100 £ ...
... we can send one child of our children's home to the local primary school for a year.
... we can pay the running cost (fuel & maintenance & fees) for one of our vehicles (ambulance or emergency vehicle or multipurpose vehicle) for one month.

With 500 £ ...
... we can feed 35 children in our malnutrition clinic for two month.
... we can pay for three weeks of medical supplies for our hospice and children's home.

With 1000 £ ...
... we can pay the cost of food & catering for the entire hospice & children's home for one month.
... we can pay the total running cost of our fully occupied hospice for two days.
... we can pay the cost of all our employed personnel for one week.

By the way:

Falls Sie in Deutschland leben:


Kontoinhaber: Bruderschaft des Seligen Gerhard e.V.
Konto Nr.: 12021
Bank: Sparkasse Neuburg-Rain
BLZ: 721 520 70
IBAN: DE37 7215 2070 0000 0120 21

Zuwendungsbestätigungen (Spendenquittungen)
werden bei vollständiger Adressangabe gerne erstellt.


Sie können auch online

Euro - €

Das erreichen Sie mit Ihrer Spende:

Mit 10 Euro ...
... können wir ein unterernährtes Kind in unserer Hungerhilfe-Klinik einen Monat lang mit lebensrettender Nahrung versorgen.
Mit 20 Euro ...
... können wir die gesamten Unkosten für einen Patienten oder ein Kind für einen Tag in unserem Hospiz oder Kinderheim bezahlen.
Mit 30 Euro ...
... können wir ein Kind unseres Kinderheimes einen Monat lang in den Kindergarten schicken.
Mit 75 Euro ...
... können wir eine arbeitslose Frau in unserer Nähschule zur Schneiderin ausbilden.
Mit 150 Euro ...
... können wir die Betriebskosten (Kraftstoff + Wartung + Gebühren) für eines unserer Fahrzeuge (Krankenwagen oder Notfallfahrzeug oder Allzweckfahrzeug oder Kinderbus) für einen Monat bezahlen.
Mit 250 Euro ...
... können wir eine Woche lang den medizinischen Bedarf unseres Hospizes und Kinderheimes bezahlen.
Mit 360 Euro ...
... können wir ein Kind unseres Kinderheimes ein Jahr lang in den Kindergarten schicken.
Mit 600 Euro ...
... können wir die Gesamtkosten für einen Patienten im Hospiz oder ein Kind im Kinderheim einen Monat lang bezahlen.
Mit 750 Euro ...
... können wir die gesamten Betriebskosten unseres voll belegten Hospizes einen Tag lang bezahlen.
Mit 1500 Euro ...
... können wir die Gesamtkosten für Nahrung und Verpflegung in unserem Hospiz und Kinderheim für einen Monat bezahlen.
... konnten wir im vergangen Jahr (2003) unsere gesamten Personalkosten eine Woche lang bezahlen.
Mit 7.300 Euro …
… können wir die Gesamtkosten für einen Patienten in unserem Hospiz oder ein Kind in unserem Kinderheim für ein ganzes Jahr bezahlen.

Donazioni alla
Confraternita del Beato Gerardo

Se risiedi in Italia,
puoi effettuare un bonifico bancario estero al seguente conto:

Conto Corrente nr.: 12021
Banca: Sparkasse Neuburg-Rain
IBAN: DE37 7215 2070 0000 0120 21

Intestato a:

Bruderschaft des Seligen Gerhard e.V.
Herrn OStR Johannes Lagleder
Eichstätter Str. 34
86633 Neuburg

Fax n. 0049(0)8431 644114

Nella causale del bonifico specificare:

Confraternita del Beato Gerardo
in Mandeni, Zululand (Sud Africa).


Come viene utilizzata la tua donazione ...

Con 50 Euro ...
... possiamo pagare il costo totale di 4 pazienti o 4 bambini per 1 giorno nel nostro ospedale o nella nostra casa dei bambini.
... possiamo inviare 2 bambini della nostra casa dei bambini al locale asilo per un mese.
... possiamo formare un donna disoccupata come tessitrice nella nostra scuola tessile.

Con 100 Euro ...
... possiamo inviare un bambino appartenente alla nostra casa dei bambini alla locale scuola elementare per un anno.
... possiamo pagare i costi di servizio (carburante, manutenzione e spese varie) per uno dei nostri veicoli (ambulanza o veicolo di emergenza o veicolo multiuso) per un mese.

Con 500 Euro ...
... possiamo nutrire 35 bambini nella nostra clinica della malnutrizione per due mesi.
... possiamo pagare per tre settimane le spese mediche per il nostro ospedale e la nostra casa dei bambini.

Con 1000 Euro ...
... possiamo pagare i costi dei pasti e del catering per l’intero ospedale e la casa dei bambini per un mese.
... possiamo pagare i costi di servizio totali del nostro ospedale al completo per due giorni.
... possiamo pagare il costo del nostro personale impiegatizio per una settimana.

In ogni modo:
• Euro 375.94 pagheranno le spese di assistenza di una delle nostre madri vittime dell’Aids per un mese.
• Euro 154.14 serviranno ad affrontare le esigenze mediche dell’intero ospedale per una settimana.
• Euro 8554.09 per curare una madre affetta da HIV ed un bambino per un anno (se entrambi sono ricoverati nel nostro ospedale).

Making a bank transfer within Europe is cheap and easy:

Kindly use our account in Germany:

Account holder: Bruderschaft des Seligen Gerhard e.V.
Account No.: 12021
Bank: Sparkasse Neuburg-Rain
German Bank Code: 721 520 70
IBAN: DE37 7215 2070 0000 0120 21

We thank you wholeheartedly for your donation!
Wir bedanken uns von Herzen für Ihre Spende!
Vi ringraziamo di cuore per la vostra donazione!
Ons bedank u van harte vir u donasie!
Siyabongela isipho sakho nehliziyo yonke!

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