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Caroline Frances Beaumont

Caroline was employed by Fr. Gérard as a secretary for St. Anthony's Parish, Mandeni, since February 1992 and as such doing office work for the Brotherhood of Blessed Gérard was part of her duties.

She joined the Brotherhood of Blessed Gérard as an active member on 25 August 1993 and ever since got more and more involved in its work.

When her workload for the Brotherhood of Blessed Gérard clearly superseded the other parish duties, her employment was taken over by the Brotherhood of Blessed Gérard fulfilling the same duties of secretary and bookkeeper.

at a staff outing in 19xx (second from the right)

On 7 May 1996, only 28 days after her daughter Nadine was born, Caroline signed her up for membership in our brotherhood and for a long time she held the world record as youngest member of the Brotherhood of Blessed Gérard. The photo shows the conferral of the members' medal in the presence of nobody less than the Bishop of Eshowe, at the blessing and opening of Blessed Gérard's Care Centre on 3 September 1996.

Caroline (first from left) with other active members at a presentation of a donation from Sappi.

Caroline has a special love for the children in Blessed Gérard's Children's Home.

Caroline's special talents were the reason that we asked her to take over the position of the housekeeper at Blessed Gérard's Care Centre,

but this is not our usual way of cooking - and who said, that making a braaifleis (barbecue) is a men's job in South Africa?

When the President's Award was introduced in 2000 as an annual honour for the most meritorious member of the Brotherhood of Blessed Gérard there was no doubt that she would be the first to receive it. Congratulations!

Caroline Beaumont works at Blessed Gérard's Care Centre which runs
Blessed Gérard's Hospice, Blessed Gérard's Children's Home, Blessed Gérard's Community Development Centre, Blessed Gérard's AIDS Education Programme and Blessed Gérard's Friendship Club
in Mandeni / Zululand / South Africa.

Blessed Gérard's Care Centre combines five out of twelve charitable projects, which the Brotherhood of Blessed Gérard, the Relief Organisation of the Order of Malta in South Africa, runs there.

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