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April 28, 2006 - Page 16

Thank you to the people of Mandeni


Following the gruesome and cold-blooded murder of my mother and the harrowing trauma that my father endured, I just thought that I would try to put a more positive outlook on things.

My mother was prematurely taken from us. We are grateful that she got to spend some time with her grandchildren  of whom she was so proud. She couldn't wait to share our joy in the new additions to the family, the first teeth on so forth. Besides all the wonderful  achievements that she had made in her life at work, she was a wonderful mum, always with a big shoulder to cry on, always a big smile when you needed one and always loving, caring and supportive. The funeral service held at Blessed Gérard's Care Centre was exactly what she would have wanted.

My father was bound hand and foot for five hours; I dread to think the thoughts that went through his mind. To hear the murder of his wife of 36 years and not to be able to do anything to help, I don't know how he coped.

I would like to say a few very special thanks to the people of Mandeni who have been amazing. We as a family have had so much support and kindness. Even before we arrived from overseas, people went out of their way to help my dad. Garth and Bern, you opened your hearts and your home, you've put up with chaos over the last two weeks always smiling, never an angry word. Words cannot describe the gratitude that we feel. Father Gérard, you conducted a lovely mass for Mom, she was smiling on us, thank you. To Mr. and Mrs. Wacher, Mr. and Mrs. Palmer, Mr. ans. Ardington and the Brotherhood of Blessed Gérard, thank you for opening your homes and allowing our family and friends to stay with you in order to attend the funeral. To Mr. and Mrs. Kidson, all Dad's friends, all our family friends and everybody who has helped and supported us, thank you to all.

The people who sent cards, food and flowers thank you. To all the people who attended Mom's funeral thank you, she was so much loved by everybody.

Mom will be sorely missed but her memory will live in our hearts. Dad you will never be alone and remember that there are many people who love and care for you. Be strong.



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