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APRIL 9 2006

Robbers gun down woman in front of horrified husband


A 60-YEAR-OLD man watched his wife mercilessly gunned down by robbers at their home in Mandini.

Geoffrey Kalkwarf was at home on his own on Thursday night when four men broke into the house.

Police spokesman Capt Jabulani Mdletshe said Kalkwarf had been tied up  with his shoelaces and made to sit in the lounge.1

"The robbers ransacked the house.

"When they did not find anything, they waited for Kalkwarf's wife to come back from work."

Mdletshe said Clare Kalkwarf arrived at11.45pm.2

He said she was confronted by the men and shot once in the chest.

"Her husband was seated near when he saw her being shot. She died at the scene."1

Mdletshe said the suspects had fled in Kalkwarf's vehicle, a white Volkswagen Golf, with the registration NZ 9620.

The robbers also took household goods, including a television set, a computer laptop and liquor, he said.

Anyone with information about the case is requested to contact Mandini detectives on 032 456 8062, or ring the police emergency number, 086 001 0111.

1 Geoff Kalkwarf was tied up with a rope and made to lie on the floor of their dining room with a sheet over his head.

2 Clare Kalkwarf arrived just before 11pm, the official death time is 11:02pm

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