Clare Kalkwarf had stated in a codicil to her last will and testament:
"A tree should be planted in the grounds of Blessed Gérard's Care Centre & Hospice - so that my children and grandchildren may see only beauty and a new beginning in my death."

Therefore the Kalkwarf Family planted a Natal Mahogany Tree in memory of Clare on the day after her funeral, on 19 April 2006 right next to her grave.

By request of the Kalkwarf Family children of Blessed Gérard's Children's Home - which was headed by Clare - attended the planting ceremony as they are kind of extended family because they considered Clare their mom.

The children sang: "iNkosi iphile, iNkosi ithathile, iNkosi iphinde yenza futhi. Alleluya. iNkosi ikusize uwele umfula iJordan. Aunty Clare, lala noxolo."
"The Lord has given. The Lord has taken. The Lord will do it again. Alleluia. May the Lord help you to cross the river Jordan. Aunty Clare, rest in peace!"

The Kalkwarf Family had prepared a sweet Thank You for our sweet children.

Afterwards Clare's children Sean and Leon and Clare's grandchildren Jannah and Nial joined our children at their playground

In the evening the Kalkwarf Family and representatives of the Care Centre Family went to Clare's favourite restaurant "John Dory's" in Ballito reminiscing and making a new beginning ...

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