VOL. 11             NO. 18             MAY 1, 2006

Crack unit on caregiver killing

Tanya Waterworth

THE Serious and Violent Crimes Unit in Richards Bay has been assigned to investigate the brutal murder of Mandeni mission worker, Clare Kalkwarf.

Police spokesperson, Captain Tienkie van Vuuren confirmed on Friday that the crack unit will be working on the case, along with Mandeni detectives.

Kalkwarf (56) was gunned down in her home, after hijackers had held her husband  hostage for five hours as they waited for her to return.

She had stayed for a meeting at the Blessed Gérard's Care Centre for HIV/AIDS sufferers, where she had worked for 13 years.

After the meeting, Kalkwarf had visited all her patients before going home at around 11.30pm.1

In the meanwhile, four men had attacked her husband at the door as he arrived home earlier in the evening.

Police confirmed that the assailants had bound him up as they ransacked the house and were waiting for an unsuspecting  Kalkwarf as she entered the house.

Described by Fr Gérard, who heads up the mission, as 'an angel to the poor and afflicted in our area', the news of her callous killing spread quickly, including to overseas donors who assist in the fight against the spread of HIV/AIDS in Zululand.

In a message from France to the Zululand Observer, Dr Andreas Heinze said, 'The killing of Clare Kalkwarf of Mandeni has not only sent shock waves of horror through your local community, but throughout the world.

'The organisation Mrs Kalkwarf worked for has members throughout Germany, France, United Kingdom, USA and many others.

'All of these members supported the work in Mandeni and many knew Mrs Kalkwarf.

'We will never forget her.'

1 This is a nice legend, but not true. In fact Clare Kalkwarf left her office about 10:50pm and went straight to her car. Outside the garage of Blessed Gérard's Care Centre she met Deacon Müller and his wife Angelika and had a nice and short chat with them about the children of Blessed Gérard's Children's Home, who had been at an outing to the beach earlier that day with Deacon Müller. She said, she looked forward to see his pictures the next day and left about 10:55pm. She obviously went straight home from there, as the official time of death was at 11:02pm.

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