Dear children, patients, volunteers, Father and Clare
Today I want to make a poem for you, so, take care.

I came to Mandini, one month ago,
To the Brotherhood of Blessed Gérard, and you.

My beginning here was really not easy.
A different language, another work, new people, everybody was so busy.

Most of you volunteers and employees helped me a lot,
gave me instructions, supporting, an open hart, something to eat, sometimes compote.

You children, sometimes exhausting, most times nice.
I will miss you all, not only once or twice.
I will tell the children in Germany, all about our experiences, which we had together.
And I'm sure, I'll think of you, for ever and ever.

You all patients from the wards, it seems,
You showed me, what real bravery means.
Thank you, I'm really proud of it, it's true,
To know each one of you.

For you, who cooked all these beautiful things,
On breakfast, lunch and suppertime, my heart, it springs,
I've got more kilos now, because of your food,
I'll bring them back to Germany, the food was too good.

Father and Clare,
For my heart and my soul, you were there.

I will say thank you, to all of you here
It's time to go home now, for me to disappear.
I'll pray, you'll be alright,
for every day and every night.

30 December 2001 Yours Miriam