Solemn Admission to the
Brotherhood of Blessed Gérard
as a Dedicated Member

Private Promise

Lord Jesus Christ!

In your Grace you have called me to serve you in the Brotherhood of Blessed Gérard. I ask you at the intercession of our patron saints Mary, the Blessed Virgin and Mother of God, St. John the Baptist and the founder of the Order of St. John, Blessed Gérard Tonque:

Give me the courage, to live the faith in you as a convincing example and to meet our neighbour in charity, especially the needy aged, disabled, sick and injured.

Give me the needed strength, to live as an upright Christian selflessly in the spirit of your Gospel according to this resolution, to the honour of God, for the peace in the world and the welfare of our society.

I hereby promise to protect the faith and to serve the poor of our Lord Jesus Christ by devoting myself to the apostolate of the Catholic Church in Works of Charity as a Dedicated member of the Brotherhood of Blessed Gérard.

I devote myself with all my heart, with all my soul and with all my strength to Jesus Christ and his body, the Church.

I will strive to be the yeast of God's love in my entire life as a member of my family, at my work and in my leisure time.

May God help me, guide me and strengthen me to fulfill what he has called me to.


Was sind die "Dedicated members"?

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