The foundation of the Brotherhood of Blessed Gérard

An Everlasting Brotherhood - Foundation of the Brotherhood of Blessed Gérard

The foundation document

Private Agreement

under the regulations of Canon 299 § 1 of the Code of Canon Law.

The undersigned Christ's faithful hereby make this private agreement to constitute a Private Association of Christ's Faithful for the purpose of striving with a common effort to foster a more perfect life by works of charity. This purpose is one of those mentioned in CIC, Can. 298 § 1 and none of the sort mentioned in CIC, Can. 301 § 1.

  • In accordance with CIC, Can. 304 § 1 we have drawn up statutes defining the purpose, the centre, the governance, the conditions of membership and the manner of action of the association.
  • In accordance with CIC, Can. 304 § 2 we selected the name "Brotherhood of Blessed Gérard" for the association.
  • In accordance with CIC, Can 305 § 1 we subdue the association under the supervision of the Bishop of Eshowe and ask him for his governance.

We hereby humbly ask the Bishop of Eshowe

  1. to review the statutes which we have drawn up for the association (CIC, Can. 299 § 3);
  2. to give his consent, that the association may call itself "catholic" (CIC, Can. 300);
  3. to issue a formal decree to the association granting it juridical personality (CIC, Can. 322 § 1).

Mandini, on this the 28th day of October 1992

The Founder:

Father Gérard Tonque Lagleder O.S.B. · I.D. No. 550702 5732 18 0

The Foundation Members:

Dr. Paul Zakhele Titus Thabethe · Ref.Book No. 1-3909237-4
Nokuthula Marigold Thabethe · I.D. No. 461129 0471 08 5
Geoffrey Kalkwarf · I.D. No. 460104 5061 00 0
Clare Ann Kalkwarf · I.D. No. 491013 0074 00 4

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left to right: Dr. Thabethe, G Kalkwarf, Bishop Biyase, C Kalkwarf, Fr. Gérard, N Thabethe

What motivated us to found the Brotherhood of Blessed Gérard: Father Gérard · Clare Kalkwarf · Nokuthula Thabethe
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