18 November: World Day of the Poor

Mandeni, kwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

45 % of the employable population are unemployed.

77 % of those, who are employed,
earn such low wages
(less than 110 € per month)
that they are still living
in poverty!

Source: „Mandeni Municipality Draft Integrated Development Plan 2012 – 2017"


The Order of Malta's South African Relief Organisation fights this poverty on every day.

The vicious cycle of poverty
bbgvicci.gif (149559 bytes)
and the projects of Blessed Gérard's Care Centre

We established and provide a comprehensive and holistic system of care through Blessed Gérard's Care Centre by running:

Health Care Projects: AIDS-Care, Hospice, Poor Sick Fund

Child Care Projects: Pre-Primary School, Children's Home, Malnutrition Clinic, Bursary Fund

Relief and Social Care Projects: Relief Fund, First Aid & Emergency ServiceDisaster Relief



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