Brotherhood of Blessed Gérard

Newsletter No. 2


Dear friends,

I am sure, you have waited for a long time, to hear about what has happened in our community over the last few months.


We are now 71 members. 30 of us are active members and 41 are supporting members. 5 of the supporting members are from South Africa, one from Tanzania, one from Austria and 34 from Germany.

Visitors and helpers from Germany

We are very happy that a good number of our members from Germany have already visited us and some of them even took part in our activities. The visitors were Fathers Peter Winter and Michael Eich, Mr Oswald Binner and Mr Helmut Haas. Active helpers were Mr Johann and Mrs Albertine Sporer camera.gif (1892 bytes), Mr Marcel Hoff, Mr Peter Wittmann and baroness Diane von Wrede, who is with us at the moment working very diligently and knowledgeably in the public relations sector. She has written the attached report on our projects.

Special Events

The Bishop of Eshowe confirmed our community on 20 April 1993 as a Private Association of Christ's Faithful through a formal decree, after he had already acknowledged our foundation on 5 November 1992. The Sovereign Council of the Order of Malta in Rome acknowledged our community officially as a Relief Organisation of the Order on the same day. Our active members were given their badges on 24 June during our celebration of the Feast of St. John. Guest of honour was Father Prior Michael Meier O.S.B. of Inkamana Abbey. He had given, our founder, as his monastic superior, the necessary permission to found and join our community as an Association of Christ's Faithful. Father Michael has joined our community in the meantime himself. Our Bishop Mansuet, Abbot Gernot Wottawah O.S.B. of Inkamana Abbey and Abbot Edgar Dietel O.S.B. of Mount St. George's Abbey in Austria (Abbot Edgar is the Chaplain of the Order of Malta for Tyrol in Austria) gave us the honour on 3 September, the Feast of Blessed Gérard Tonque, to concelebrate a High Mass in honour of Blessed Gérard, where the flag of our Brotherhood was blessed, our Founder Members were invested as Dedicated Members and the new active members were given their badges.

We thank you very much for your fidelity to our community and for your help towards our activities. May God reward you a hundred fold!

Yours sincerely

Father Gérard T. Lagleder O.S.B.
( President )

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