Brotherhood of Blessed Gérard

Projects' Review 1996

Now, at the end of yet another year, is a good time to reflect on the activities and achievements during the past year. The year of 1996 has really been a watershed year for the Brotherhood -

Our volunteers have been marvellous and I am sure that God will bless them abundantly for all the time and effort they have sacrificed for the good of the community. We must not forget the families who the volunteers leave behind when they come to work in the Care Centre. We thank them most sincerely for allowing their family member to come to the aid of the needy.

We look forward to 1997 with anticipation, with expectation and with some trepidation. But, as we have already proved, there is an abundance of good will amongst our community and therefore favour the fact that we can be confident of receiving the help we need.

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