Blessed Gérard's Friendship Club

Review 1996

Our senior citizens are indeed an asset to Mandeni. They have worked extremely hard to help the Brotherhood realise our dream of assisting the needy. The 35 members of the club donated R1490.00 during 1996, raised from the sale of items which the members had made themselves, as well as making and donating 15 knitted blankets, cushion covers and many other very useful items. The Christmas party, which they held to end the year off, was great fun. I am sure they did not need to eat again for at least a week! The tables were beautifully decorated with festive flower arrangements, ornaments and the like. The Friendship Club members, Helma Lintvelt, Joyce Buss, Margaret Hawthorn were all here the day before to prepare. The day arrived and all the members came bearing little gifts, a plate of eats and a broad smile. Linda Neethling had arranged some games and prizes. The lady who won "everything" was a visitor from Scotland, Megan Woolridge's mother-in-law. Congratulations! The Care Centre was a buzz with activity. There were some sad faces when the morning (and the year of togetherness) came to an end. Fortunately this is only temporary and the first meeting of the new year will be on 22nd January, 1997.

A poem composed by Mrs. Margaret Paxton to the Friendship Club and read to them at the end of year party on 10th December, 1996.

Your Christmas Angel is here for a while
Before she goes to the Emerald Isle,
She's not Monica or Tess
As I'm sure you've guessed
She's here on a mission
With God's permission
To give thanks to you
for all that you do.
Recycled teenagers we may be
But we have lots of fun as anyone can see
And it's all thanks to Margaret and Joyce
Who organise all, giving lots of choice.
With folks like me it's no easy task
But we appreciate your doing all we ask.
We enjoy lectures, demonstrations and visits to farms,
We recycle cards, and play bingo which makes us use hands and arms.
We enjoy Hetta's pancakes which go down well with the tea
And home baked cakes and cookies in abundance are free.
We do what we can for the Blessed Gérard Brotherhood
Selling crafts and saving cents as we knew we could.
Alternate Wednesdays are a definite must,
They stop us turning into lumps of rust,
So all of us here in the Friendship Club
Wish you a Merry Christmas and our love.

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