Volunteers from around the world

Elaine Taylor from Ireland (packing for home)

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Bobbie Braun and Nancy Bartell from the USA

Gisela Rinderle from Germany


It is difficult to single out one person. But I think that there is someone who should get a special mention. She originally came to Mandini for six months and then decided to stay for another six. She gave one full year of her life to be with us. This was indeed a big sacrifice for anybody to make. Sr. Elaine Taylor set up our home nursing courses, she trained some of our local volunteers as far as instructor’s level, she began our first aid courses, she started the cadets (junior members) and trained them in both home nursing and first aid. Over and above all this she was our nurse-in-charge in Blessed Gérard’s Care Centre where she set up all our nursing strategies and care plans. To top all this she worked many night shifts as well.

We take this opportunity to wish Elaine farewell and may God bless you abundantly for all your efforts.

A special mention of gratitude should be made to all the Maltese organisations who have sponsored the volunteers -

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