The Brotherhood of Blessed Gérard celebrates its 5th Jubilee

The 28th October, 1997 saw the 5th anniversary of the foundation of our organisation. In the evening of Saturday 28th October, 1992, in the private chapel of the parish priest’s house in Mandini, Fr. Gérard T. Lagleder O.S.B, Dr. Paul Thabethe, Mrs. Nokuthula Thabethe, Mr. Geoffrey Kalkwarf and Mrs. Clare Kalkwarf all made a private promise and signed the foundation documents for a new and unique relief organisation.

Our ideals and aspirations and the constitution, which had been drawn up, were put before the Bishop of Eshowe, Bishop Mansuet Biyase, who gave us his full support and backed it up by signing the formal decree of acknowledgement. The foundation documents and constitution were at the same time submitted to the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, in Rome. We were accepted and registered with them as a relief organisation.

After many hours of ground work and intense research, the following projects have been developed:

We began with 5 founder members in Mandini in 1992 and have progressed to 567 members, from countries as far a field as Australia, Japan, USA, South America, East Africa and Europe.

Through our many wonderful benefactors and members, we have collected a substantial amount of money resulting from donations. These funds have enabled us to build both the pre-primary school & crèche and the care centre. The latter serves a double function. The first being our organisation's head quarters and the second being to house the training, day care, inpatient and hospice facilities. These funds which have been collected have given our organisation the ability to finance and run all the above mentioned projects.

Of course one cannot run anything without man power. Our management team with the aid of our project coordinators, teachers, housekeeper and secretary together with all our volunteers have succeeded in setting up systems and programmes, they have ensured that each project runs smoothly and that the people in need get the help they require.

Congratulations to all concerned on 5 years of hard work and accomplishment. May you continue your good work for the honour of God and the benefit of your fellow human beings.

Never let the little disappointments discourage us in our quest to help

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