Dear members and friends of our Brotherhood,

Easter is the feast of Christ's victory over death and devil and thus the accomplishment of salvation. The word "salvation" derives from the Latin word "salus", which means "healing". Salvation is the status of final and complete healing, as Christ is not only concerned about our body and mind, but about our soul as well. When Christ lived a human life, he healed innumerable bodies and minds from sickness, anxiety, worries and sadness, but only when he rose from the dead he would heal our soul from death (=being parted from life) by breaking through the barrier of death and opening the way to eternal life in raising us with him. It is our Christian vocation to follow Christ, i.e. not to be complacent with our own salvation, but to bring all people to this new life. It is our special vocation as members of the Brotherhood of Blessed Gérard, too, to help all people to be totally healed in body, mind and soul, through our nursing and child care, feeding, teaching, advice, counseling, support and pastoral care.

May you experience Easter in every patient, who came to new life in Christ!

Yours fraternally

Father Gérard

This page is part of the Brotherhood of Blessed Gérard Newsletter No. 14 (Easter 1998)

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