Blessed Gérard’s Care Centre & Hospice

has had a boost in activity through the management committee being invited to join the iSithebe AIDS Forum. This is a committee of factory managers, industrial nurses, shop stewards and volunteers from the factories in the local industrial area. The concern of this committee is the high incidence of people being found to be HIV positive (informed sources claim that 80% [!!!] of the work force in iSithebe factories could be HIV-positive), their ensuing deterioration into full-blown AIDS, finally resulting in the bording and/or death of factory personnel.

This forum was seeking help in the nursing and counseling of their own staff members. We, the team at Blessed Gerard's Care Centre, were approached to give advice and to look into the best manner in which we could help. The Care Centre hosted the last meeting of the iSithebe AIDS Forum, when it was decided that our facility would be ideal for the purpose of education, advice, home nursing and hospice care for all people and families affected by the HI Virus. Selected volunteers will be trained as AIDS counselors along with other members of the iSithebe AIDS Forum.

The iSithebe AIDS Forum is also looking into the funding of the work done by our organisation in relation to the utilisation of our facility. They will canvass donations from their own companies as well as organising fund raising events in the local community.

We look forward with much anticipation to a good number of volunteers from the U.S.A. and Germany to join our local volunteers soon. The ones who will be coming definitively are Björn Peters from Germany from July 15th for a whole year and Katie Truesdale from the U.S.A. from July 17th for a month. Most probably there will be two more nurses from the U.S.A., but we are not 100% sure at this stage. We look forward to your coming!

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