Blessed Gerard's Care Centre’s new Nursing Sister.

It is with great pleasure that we introduce Sr. Sanet van Zyl to you. We would also like to wish her a very warm welcome to our team in Blessed Gérard's Care Centre. Sr. van Zyl has recently moved down to kwaZulu/Natal from Gauteng, with her family. She is highly qualified and we are sure that she will prove to be a wonderful asset to all the people we serve.

Sr. Sanet van Zyl writes……

"Blessed Gerard's Care Centre has taken a big step by employing me. I am a South African registered nurse, having begun my general nursing training in 1980, completing it in 1983, in Pretoria. Other qualifications that I have attained are midwifery, pharmacology, junior management, AIDS counselling, community health nursing, occupational health & safety and advanced nursing dynamics.

I am married with two wonderful children, a son of 14 and a daughter of 4 years. My husband and I decided to relocate from Gauteng to have a more peaceful life away from the "rat race". I was very happy and fortunate that the position in Blessed Gérard's Care Centre, became available just at the time when we decided to move to kwaZulu/Natal.

My aim in life is to help people in need and to teach them to be positive, love one another and to enjoy life, which is the greatest gift from God. I hope and pray that I will be the asset that the Care Centre is looking for.


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Sr. Sanet van Zyl"

A caregiver joins the staff

Mrs. Estelle Denner, a local housewife and mother of two, joined the volunteers of Blessed Gerard's Care Centre at the official opening of the centre in September 1996.

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Mrs. Denner says, "when I heard about the Care Centre, I was really excited, because I always wanted to be a nurse, so this was a perfect opportunity for me to fulfill this wish. Helping the sick gives me great pleasure and the best thanks I could get, is the smile on their faces.

I really enjoy working in the Care Centre and would recommend, that all men and women who sit at home and complain about having nothing to do in Mandeni, join the happy family and come and help us."

The Brotherhood of Blessed Gérard employed Mrs. Estelle Denner in September 1997, on a temporary basis, for three months. But she proved to be such a valuable caregiver that we asked her to stay on for a further three months. Subsequently, at our request, she joined our staff permanently in March of this year. We would also like to welcome her to our team and to compliment her on her sensitivity to the needs of people, and to thank her for her loyalty and hard work.

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The staff of Blessed Gérard's Care Centre [l-r: Fr. Gérard (project coordinator), Clare Kalkwarf (manager), Estelle Denner (caregiver), Samantha Geswindt (housekeeper), Caroline Beaumont (secretary), Sr. Sanet van Zyl (nurse)]

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