Our Vice-President, Clare Kalkwarf, and her husband spent Christmastime with their children (Sean and Leon, the latter being a member of ours and the architect who designed our Care Centre) in London and (Heather, our new member) in Dublin. What surpasses family business is the fact, that they visited the Headquarters of the Irish Association and the Order of Malta Ambulance Corps (OMAC) in Dublin. They were warmly welcomed there and met the director of the OMAC, Frank Hearns [click for a picture], who had visited us in Mandeni last year. The OMAC donated us a set of neck braces (stiff-necks) and a sphygmomanometer. Mr. Hearns also promised to assist us in the further training of our volunteers. Clare and Geoff Kalkwarf stayed with Sr. Elaine Taylor, who had been with us in 1996/97 as a volunteer nurse at the Care Centre for a whole year. Sr. Elaine's state of health has improved tremendously after she had got severely ill during the second half of her stay in Mandeni. We will never forget what tremendous asset she has been for us by training the first volunteers for our Care Centre, our instructors and setting up a group of junior members (cadets).

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Sr. Elaine Taylor in front of St. John's House in Dublin

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