Dear members and friends of our brotherhood,

What we really celebrate on Christmas is, that God abundant in graces humbled himself and became a poor man. -Yes, the great God became poor, needy, little and humble, a baby of poor parents, who could not even get accommodation for their new-born and had to place him in a manger. The Three Kings - thank God - did not find him in the palace of the rulers, but they found him in a place where Christ is drawn to. He was found with those, who have not forgotten to beg and to open their hands, eyes and ears and to really expect all from God. I think we battle to truly understand Christmas in our days, because we have forgotten, through our talkativeness, to open our mouths in admiring respect, because we have forgotten, through our business, to open our hands in begging readiness, because we have forgotten, through our hurry, to put our eyes on the greatness of the humble God, because we have forgotten, through our cleverness, to meditate the word made flesh in our hearts, because we have forgotten, through our pride, to entrust ourselves simply to God.

We have to become simple again like the shepherds, open, aware of our need to understand Christmas and to rediscover it and to experience it as an event of very personal salvation.

This is exactly what I wish you for Christmas: That you may meet the Lord personally, who knows all your need and trouble, sickness and sadness, fear and desperation, pain and grief, loneliness and bitterness, despondency and doubt, from his own experience and who carries it all with you as a good shepherd, loving and caring father, as suffering servant of God on the way of the cross and on Calvary, who leads you and all to the big Easter victory over death and devil, to life in fullness, peace and joy and not just in eternity, but already here and today in this our world.

I wish all of you from the centre of my heart, the peace and joy of the incarnated Son of God, for this Christmas season and for every day of the New Year 1999!

Yours Sincerely

Father  Gérard

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