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The Risen Lord appears to Peter at the Lake of Tiberias (John 21)

Dear members and friends of our brotherhood,

Celebrating Easter we commemorate Christ's death, which is our ransom from death and his resurrection which is our rising to life.
I wish you, for this Easter Season, that you may be able to make Easter, resurrection, new life possible in yourself, your family and others.
Our service is distinctly dedicated to enable people to live, to give them renewed life in body, mind and soul and we will experience the same new life in ourselves by doing so.
Christ's new life, his Easter gift, we received in baptism, but he renews it in the forgiveness of our sins and in the Eucharistic communion. God wants us to have life in fullness, eternal life and earthly life. This is why Christ healed the sick, consoled the grieving and encouraged the depressed and he said: As the Father sent me, so I am sending you.
It is our vocation now to make Easter happen in others by giving them new life in every respect.
Enjoy life!

Yours Sincerely

Father Gérard

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