We wish you a Merry Christmas

and a Happy New Year 2000!

Dear members and friends of our brotherhood,

A baby with blood on his hands and feet, held high up by mom and dad. All are looking at him: His parents are content and glad. His eyes are wide open and his head is attentively bent listening to the people in front of him. He lifts his hands up ready to touch, to grip, to get involved. They are staring at him in expectation and need: the man with the bottle in his hand, the prisoner behind his bars, the prostitute and her customer hiding behind her and the dog, the man in the wheelchair and his family and last but not least the injured man covered with blood, reaching out in a silent cry to the baby. If the baby were not there, all they would see in the perspective of their lives, would be the cross. As they see him, the cross stays behind the baby, but his hands and his feet are full of blood. He got involved. He went in between the people and their cross and got his hands dirty, dirty with the blood of our misery and he ended up on the cross himself. He is the crucified and he is alive and he is still ready to get in touch with the miserable, the addict, the captive, the sinner, the handicapped and the hurt. He knows what they are going through, the blood on his hand and feet proves it. Christmas today is not a sentimental memory of an idyllic phantasm, but the continuous advent of the risen Christ into the darkness of our misery. Christ was born 2000 years ago, but he wants to get in touch with us, especially there where we are dependent, caught, guilty, lame and wounded and Christmas is his advent, his arrival at the grassroots of our life. This was for 2000 years, is now and will always be his graceful offer and all we have to do is to accept him, being touched by him, and allowing his light to dispel our darkness. This is his invitation for Christmas, the New Year, new decade, new century and the new millennium and for all future to come.

May I invite you now, to take on the role of Mary and Joseph, to present Christ to the people, to make Christmas, the advent of God's word - made flesh - a real experience, divine in human ways? This is, what our brotherhood is all about. Every good deed in any of our projects is part of our mission to protect the faith and serve the needy in body mind and soul.

Merry Christmas and may Christ be the source of light, hope and life for your and our new millennium!

Yours most sincerely

Father Gérard

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