Honorary Dedicated members

Hans & Albertine Sporer

Our members and friends, Mr. & Mrs. Sporer, visited South Africa from Germany during their summer vacation. They spent four weeks working with us in the Care Centre & Hospice. More over they are some of our most hard working fundraisers. Mr. & Mrs. Sporer are teachers at Descartes High School in Neuburg and are the colleagues of Mr. Johannes Lagleder. They encourage the pupils at their school to contribute money which they raise through selling things, raffles etc.

Thank you both for sharing Holy Mass with us each day, for all the repairs you did around the building, for the willingness to make yourselves available when we were called out late at night and any other time and for your support and encouragement in every respect.

You are truly an example of dedication to us all.

Johannes Lagleder

Mr. Johannes Lagleder is continuously working in the background of our organisation and most of our members do not know about it. He spends hours and hours each week updating the database for the Brotherhood of Blessed Gérard, monitoring the donations from Europe, organising the banking, updating the German bookkeeping, acknowledging the donations to the donors and he even pays for all the stationery, postage and phone calls out of his own pocket.

We thank you Johannes, from the centre of our hearts and may God reward you for all your generosity in goodwill, in time and in goods.

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