Introducing the German Volunteers from the second half of 1999.

Miss Walburga von Ohnesorge

helped in Blessed Gérard's Care Centre & Hospice for two months. Miss von Ohnesorge had just completed her schooling and wanted to use her free time for the good of humanity, until she began her studies at university. She has a feeling for the needs of the patients and cared with exemplary dedication, patience and skill for the sick. Nothing was too much for her, nothing too unpleasant, nothing beneath her dignity. Thank you Miss von Ohnesorge, we hope and pray that your experience with us was fulfilling and rewarding. We wish you all the best in your new path in life.

Mr. Florian Hecke

is a paramedic who originally came for two months, but he has extended his stint of volunteer help for another two months, because he really enjoys his work here. We equally enjoy his uncomplicated personality, idealism and his untiring eagerness. When he returns home he will begin a new career with the Police Force. Thank you for all your hard work and your readiness to help in any circumstance.

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