Blessed Gérard's Bursary Fund

Mr. Peter Dunn, whose studies were paid for by our Bursary Fund, graduated at the end of 2000 with a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering.

He wrote this letter:

Dated 26/03/2001

"It is only through the help of the Brotherhood of Blessed Gérard that I am now able to respond with such whole hearted happiness. Without the help of the Brotherhood, I would not have been able to extend my appreciation and gratitude.
The faith and confidence the Brotherhood has had in me is unimaginable. The constant burden I have laid upon the Brotherhood's shoulder, they have accepted. For this and all the assistance I have received, I am most wholeheartedly grateful. The helping hand has not only been offered to me, but also to my family and many other families with which I am familiar.
Once again I would like to take this opportunity in thanking the Brotherhood for all the good work it has done for others and me.
May our faith in the Lord be strengthened always.
Thank you!
Peter Dunn"

Peter Dunn has excelled in his studies and we wish him every success in his future. We are sure that his family are very proud of him and will benefit from his wonderful achievement.

Thank you!

Mr. Dunn is really expressing his gratitude to you, the donors, because it is only through the donations, which the Brotherhood of Blessed Gérard receives, that we are able to assist people who have the potential, but no means to pay for their education.

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