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Needs of the Children

The needs of AIDS orphans, HIV-positive children and children, who are suffering as a result of social problems caused by the AIDS pandemic, are growing every day. Our home will only cater for the "neediest of the needy" and as with all our projects, we will strive to give the best possible start in life for these poor little children. Of course, not all children who come to Blessed Gérard's Children's Home will remain for a long term. Wherever possible, they will be placed with relatives, adoptive parents or in foster care. Failing this, we will help them with their medical problems, send them to kindergarten or school and try as far as possible to integrate them into a normal life, while continuing to search for a permanent solution to their individual life situation.

At this moment we have 13 children in inpatient care, 20 were discharged into other care and 10 found an even better home (in heaven).

Our new Children’s Home will be able to accommodate up to 40 children.

As you can see from our "Build-o-meter" we have managed to collect approximately two thirds of the money needed. We will continue to fundraise, but we make an urgent appeal to you all, to please help us to help these little children who are so much in need of our care. If you know of anyone who can assist us in any way, please put him or her in touch with us, or vice versa.

On behalf of the children who are being cared for at present in Blessed Gérard's Children's Home, we would like to express a very heart felt gratitude to all of our members who have responded to our plea for funds, to build a home for them.

We would especially like to thank those people who have organised fund raising events in their home parishes e.g. Victor Claudius, Pat Grimbeck, Hans & Albertine Sporer, Mrs. Mechtilde Hirmer-Lagleder, Mr. Anthony Ordona and his family who live in the USA, the Rosenheimer Christkindlmarkt, Miss Elena Schmidt, Barbara Ruhland, Silke Sehling and Beatrice Neher from Germany, to name but a few.

The winners of the Buy a Bear for a Baby competition are:

In South Africa:

1st PrizeAir ticket to Germany
sponsored by Lufthansa
Mrs. Kay Wong of Port Alfred
2nd Prize3 piece Lounge suite
sponsored by Loungefurn
Dr. Peter Martinez of Cape Town
3rd PrizeDouble door fridge/freezer
sponsored by Whirlpool
Mrs. N. Ramposhard of Mandeni
4th PrizeSleeper couch
sponsored by Loungefurn
Mr. Sbonakaliso Thabethe of Sundumbili
5th Prizecell phone & accessoriesJ. Sukdeo of Mandeni
6th Prizecell phone & accessoriesFr. Michael Austin S.J. of Northlands

In Germany:

Return air ticket to South Africa and a night in Shakaland for two (sponsored by StyleLife Travel):
Frau Hildegard Grulich from Mainhausen.

Thank you!

We would like to thank all the sponsors of the prizes:



[In addition to this Whirlpool (Italy) has also made a financial contribution towards the building and the local branch donated two washing machines.] and

StyleLife Travel!

Other significant donations were received from

CAFOD in the United Kingdom

Damit Kinder leben können
Aktion Dreikönigssingen in Germany

Newmans Own Inc. in the U.S.A.


the South African Sugar Association

the Richards Bay Chamber of Commerce and

Loungeweave in South Africa.

Architectural Plans

The Children's Home will be built above the ward wing of the Care Centre & Hospice, which was originally built with a concrete slab over it. It will be the most cost effective and practical method of adding on, with minimal interruption to the running of the Care Centre & Hospice.

The plans for the addition to our Care Centre in Mandeni have been submitted to the local authorities for approval and if the rate of funds received accelerates and increases in amount, we would like to begin building at the end of February 2002, with a view to completion by September/October 2002.

Sketch plan of  Blessed Gérard's

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