Blessed Gérard's Care Centre & Hospice

 A heartbreaking documentary on German TV

In March 2001 Philipp Hahn from ProSieben Television of Munich in Germany spent some time visiting the Care Centre & Hospice in Mandeni and filmed a documentary on our work. The camera team managed to capture the true necessity and impact of our care, which we give to the sick, especially in our hospice. The film was broadcast on 18 April 2001 and shows in shocking openness the reality of the AIDS pandemic in our region.

We thank the foreign Volunteers who help(ed) us during 2001:

Miss Kristina Jatsch

Dr. Elmar Haid

Miss Barbara Ruhland

Miss Silke Sehling

Miss Beatrice Neher

Miss Elena Schmidt

Fr. Michael Eich

Miss Jenniffer Neumann

Miss Melanie Weiß

Mrs. Miriam Lawitschka

Mrs. Lida Wammes

Sr. Donna Conlin

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