Shoprite/Checkers and Africa Web Press,

(associate company of Stanger Weekly), recently made a generous donation of gift vouchers to us. Seen above is Shoprite/Checkers Public Relations Officer Ms. Pinky Naidoo with Mrs. Clare Kalkwarf and Father Gérard, the Mayor of the Ilembe District Municipality Mr. Simo Mfayela, Mr. Haresh Ouderajh of Africa Web Press and the store manager, Mr. Gaya Ramdhani. Shoprite/Checkers auctioned a painting to raise the money. The painting was purchased by Africa Web Press who nominated us as the recipient of the proceeds. We are most grateful to Mr. Haresh Ouderajh for his thoughtfulness and generosity.

We thank Stanger Weekly wholeheartedly for printing the printed version of this newsletter free of charge!

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