Members' News 2003


We welcome Luca Lawitschka into the world.
She was born on 18 February 2003 and our active member Miriam Lawitschka and her husband Alex are overjoyed.

Our active member Lillian Molloy celebrated her 50th birthday on 27 September 2003.
Lillian came to us already twice all the way from England to train our active members in First Aid and she is very busy and successful in fundraising for us in the U.K.
Thank you so much!

Our Spiritual Supporter and second oldest member of the Brotherhood of Blessed Gérard, Father Heribert Ruf O.S.B. of Inkamana Abbey, celebrated his 90th birthday on 11 April 2003.


Our Spiritual Supporter member Father Herfried Holzgassner O.S.B. of Twasana celebrated his 65th jubilee of monastic profession on 8 September 2003.


Our Spiritual Supporter member Sr. Eobarda Ries O.F.M. from Nardini Convent in Nkandla celebrated her 40th jubilee of religious profession on 27 September 2003.
It was a special honour for us that she invited Fr. Gérard to be the main celebrant and homilist for the occasion.

Our member Rev. Sr. Benedicta Nzimande O.S.B. was elected Vicaress (i.e. the Deputy of the Prioress General) of the Twasana Sisters on 3 January 2003.
We pray for her and wish her God's blessings for her term of office.


Our Spiritual Supporter member Giacomo Beschi was ordained a priest on 7 June 2003 at Milan in Italy.

Our Spiritual Supporter member Thomas Graf von Rechberg was ordained a priest on 29 June 2003 at Munich in Germany. He celebrated a solemn Holy Mass with the parish of Jesenwang on 6 July 2003 and donated the plate collection to the Brotherhood of Blessed Gérard.

Our Spiritual Supporter member Father Albert Herold O.S.B. of Mtunzini celebrated his 50th anniversary of missionary assignment on 14 May 2003.


Our active member Leon Kalkwarf, the architect who had designed the original building of Blessed Gérard’s Care Centre, was married to Joanne Airey on 19 April 2003 in Westville.

Our active member Navin Naidoo was married to Yamantha Reddy on 12 July 2003 at Tongaat.

Our active members Dr. Andreas Heinze and Martine Sutter married on 4 October 2003.


Our members

Manfred Schulz M.A. and Dr. Uwe Bernzen
were awarded the Federal Cross of Merit (Bundesverdienstkreuz) by the Federal Republic of Germany.

A speedy recovery!

Our member Bishop Dr. Mansuet Dela Biyase had to undergo a triple bypass operation on his heart on 19 May 2003. The operation went well. Fr. Gérard visited him on 25 May 2003 at the Cardiac High Care Ward of Entabeni Hospital in Durban and told him about the good wishes, which some of our members had sent in response to our e-mail asking for prayers. Father Bishop was very pleased and grateful. After recuperating very slowly at home Fr. Bishop went overseas to Germany and returned on 15 October 2003 in a critical condition. He was re-admitted at Entabeni Hospital and had a pacemaker implanted. He is still quite weak, but improving. Kindly include him in your prayers!

Our Spiritual Supporter member Abbot Willibrord van Rompaey O.S.B. had to spend several weeks in hospital when he was on home leave in Belgium, but could return now to Inkamana Abbey. We wish him God’s blessings for a speedy recovery.

Our member Marc Nicolin wrote on 25 January 2003: "I was diagnosed with Terminal Cancer of the throat, Tumours on the brain and in my Lungs, But Praise God. My chemotherapy has reversed the Cancer and it has gone into remission." Please include him in your very special prayers!

Sincere sympathy!

Our active member Hlengiwe Majota died during childbirth on 17 September 2003.

Our member Margaret Hawthorn senior died on 2 August 2003 at the blessed age of 94.

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