We celebrated

the Feast of St. John

on 21 June 2003.

The highlight of the celebration was the solemn reception of Most Reverend Father Abbot Godfrey Sieber O.S.B. as a member into the Brotherhood of Blessed Gérard.

Abbot Godfrey was elected abbot of Inkamana Abbey on 8 February 2003 and received the abbatial blessing on 26 April 2003. We wish him God’s richest blessings and are proud and grateful that he joined our brotherhood on 26 May 2003 and is so supportive of our service.

Other prominent members received were

the Ilembe district operations manager of the KwaZulu / Natal’s Provincial Emergency Medical Rescue Services (EMRS), Mr. Navin Naidoo,

and the chief of the Road Traffic Inspectorate of KwaZulu/Natal, Mr. John M. Schnell MMM JCD K.St.J., who is a Knight of Grace, a member of the Priory Chapter and the Deputy Director of Ceremonies of the Most Venerable Order of St. John and as such has been a long lasting friend of ours.

Welcome in our Brotherhood!

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