Blessed Gérard’s Pre-primary School and Crèche

is now ten years old. It has been running continuously for all those years, with a holiday break only around Christmas time each year. Our Pre-primary School is one of the major feeders for the Government Primary School, which is next door. The children are very well accepted there and are far ahead of the other children because of the school readiness programme which Miss Patricia Zikhali teaches, most successfully.

Our Pre-Primary School and Crèche is in an absolutely underprivileged area with severe poverty. This goes so far that parents sometimes cannot even afford our nominal school fees of R15.00 per month, nor can they give their children a lunch box full of food every day to bring along.

Therefore we decided that we would provide the children with substantial and nutritious food, thus helping to relieve the poverty of the families and prevent malnutrition. If the children have full tummies when they go home, the family has one less mouth to feed. Blessed Gérard’s Pre-Primary School and Crèche now gives the children two meals a day – breakfast and lunch. We also decided to ease the burden on really poor families, by making them exempt from paying the school fees. We are happy to say that our nursery school is full to capacity. Out of a total of 32 children at the end of December 2004, nine will go to Class 1 at the Primary School in 2005 and many little ones are on the waiting list to be admitted to our facility in the New Year.

Blessed Gérard’s Pre-Primary School and Crèche is built high up on a hill overlooking the Indian Ocean. The close proximity to the sea air results in the equipment and even the building deteriorating quite rapidly. The building is in need of major renovations – the roof is leaking, the paint is peeling off, the water pipes need to be repaired and much of the playground equipment is rusty and would need to be repaired or replaced. We intend carrying out this work during the holidays.

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