Blessed Gérard’s Malnutrition Clinic

has given 38,325 meals of protein enriched porridge and baby milk formula to sick, starving and hungry children under the age of five during 2004. Our founder member and Director of Charity Work, Sr. Nokuthula Thabethe continues to run this fortnightly programme with 35 infants registered at any one time.

The programme is run from the Sundumbili Catholic Church hall, which is approximately 5 kilometres from Blessed Gérard’s Care Centre. The Parish Priest is most accommodating and we are extremely grateful to him for permitting us to utilise the hall for this purpose.

There is a most beneficial and complementary interaction between our own projects, Blessed Gérard’s Malnutrition Clinic, Children’s Home and Hospice. Malnourished children are admitted as inpatients into the hospice if necessary. When they are a little better they are transferred to the children’s home and once they are on a normal diet again, they will be referred back to the malnutrition clinic.

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