Two angels made from flesh and blood


Hanna Stadler is a Registered Nurse from Mallersdorf/Germany and she volunteered to come to us for a whole year. She arrived on 16 May 2004. Hanna is a textbook example of a most dedicated, happy and uncomplicated personality, highly skilled and experienced in her profession and absolutely faithful and persevering in her duties. She has lots of good ideas and is a source of inspiration especially when dealing with difficult patients. Nothing is too much for her and nothing too difficult or below her dignity. She needs not to be instructed what to do when, but she has a watchful eye and a ready heart to put into action whatever is needed to look after those in her care and make them feel better and loved.

Susanne Stauffer is a music and dance therapist from Ebnath/Germany who studied and works in Salzburg/Austria. She also offered us a whole year of her life to help us in our work as a volunteer. Susanne arrived on 1 September 2004. She has a contagious laugh and an absolutely sunny personality. Susanne gets on exceptionally well with everybody. She takes great care and shows high responsibility when dealing with our children in the Children’s Home or our patients in our Hospice. Susanne shows great empathy for those in her care and understands well to stimulate the children and to occupy the patients.

Hanna and Susanne have become big friends not only with one another, but they have also a very nice and friendly relationship with management and the other staff and volunteers in our care centre community. It is an absolute pleasure to have them here with us and we thank them wholeheartedly for their great and most valuable help.

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