Father Gérard’s “home leave” in Germany

Father Gérard left us on 19 September 2004 to go on home leave until 22 November 2004. The main aim of his trip was to meet some of our major donors and benefactors to thank them for their help and to give an account on our charitable work in the hope, that they will continue their support. Father spent 62 days overseas, travelled close to 13;000 kilometres by car, and gave 66 presentations, 23 sermons, 1 TV interview, 4 radio interviews and 3 press interviews.

A few pictorial notes - the list is not even intended to be complete - from his itinery may give you an impression of some of the stations of his fund-raising trip:

Neuburg, 27 September: Presentation at St. Peter’s Parish & meeting with many members, including Johannes Lagleder & Hans & Albertine Sporer. 29 September - 1 October: Presentations at Descartes High School.

Manching, 30 September: Hl Mass & meeting with our member Fr Peter Wagner

St. Ottilien, 3 October: Our members Br. Dr. Ansgar Stüfe and Archabbot Jeremias Schröder at the missionary exhibition “Education changes worlds” featuring our AIDS education and our pre-primary school.

Greußenheim, 6 October: Hl Mass & presentation & meeting with our member Marianne Oschmann & family & Werner & Hedwig Neckermann.

Würzburg, 7 October: TV interview with Andrea Haagn.

Rüsselsheim, 7 - 9 October: Hl Mass, Presentation & meeting our member Fr Michael Eich.

Mainflingen, 8 October: Presentation

Elsendorf & Appersdorf, 9 - 13 October: Hl Masses, presentations & meeting with our member Fr Arnold Pirner & Hanna Stadler’s family.

Pilgramsberg, 10 October: Presentation & meeting with our donor Fr Schottenhammel & Fr Gérard’s ordination class.

Aachen, 14 October: Meeting with Claudia Goebbels of Kindermissionswerk.

Cologne, 14 - 15 October: Meetings with our member Günter Hupperich & Malteser Auslandsdienst (Mr Ingo Radtke) & Hl Mass with the community St John the Baptist.

Ehreshoven, 16 October: Hl Mass & presentation on the “Day in honour of Blessed Gérard” at the Spiritual Centre of Malteser Germany meeting several of our members, members of the Order of Malta and Malteser Hilfsdienst.

Rastatt, 18 October: Our member Dr. Andreas Heinze had organised an exhibition of the “Künsteratelier Rastatt” which donated paintings which were sold in support of our work. The artists handed the proceedings over to Fr Gérard.

Karlsruhe, 18 October: Dr Heinze & Mr Halmich invited Father to give a presentation to their Malteser Hilfsdienst branch. See also: Auslandienst

Kronau, 19 October: Hl Mass

Oyten, 20 - 21 October: Hl Mass, presentation & meeting with Deacon Thomas Müller & his wife, who want to come to us as volunteers.

Hamburg, 21 - 22 October: Meeting with our members Tim Stohrer & Dr Peter Franke

Ebnath, 22 - 23 October: Hl Mass & presentation & meeting with Susanne Stadler’s family.

Selb, 23 October: Presentation at Malteser branch meeting our member Klaus Wotzka.

St. Ottilien, 24 - 25 October: World Mission Sunday - presentation meeting our members Therese Prinzessin von Bayern, Rainer Opgen-Rhein, Fr Wagner, Mr & Mrs Sporer & presentations at Rhabanus Maurus High School.

Neuburg, 25 October: Presentation for Lions Club meeting our benefactor Udo Leitenstern.

Berlin, 26 - 27 October: Invited by our members Diane Freiin von Wrede & Walid Nakschbandi Father went to the capital of Germany and gave a presentation to high-ranking members of the German government and leading journalists.

Munich, 27 October: Hl Mass & presentation for members of the Order of Malta.

Weiden, 27 - 31 October: Interview at Radio Ramasuri and the “Der Neue Tag” newspaper & Hl Masses & presentation at Sacred Heart Parish & meeting with the parents of our deceased great benefactor Fr Michael Wittmann (Mr Wittmann had suffered a stroke the day before). The Wittmann family donated Fr Wittmann’s chalice to us!

Schäftlarn, 30 October: Hl Mass & presentation at Lourdes pilgrimage society meeting our member Antoinette Keßler.

Ottobrunn, 30 October: Hl Mass at Albertus Magnus Parish.

Tann, 31 October - 1 November: Hl Mass & presentation meeting our member Sr. Cilli Schedel.

Falkenberg, 1 - 2 November: Presentation meeting many relatives of Fr Gérard including our member Alois Göllinger.

Altötting, 2 - 3 November: Presentation meeting our members Anna Spielmann, Prelate Maximilian Absmeier and Anna Folger.

Passau, 3 November: Meeting with Father’s teacher in the New Testament, Prof Franz mussner, who supports us financially and through his daily prayers.

Schweiklberg, 3 - 4 November: Meeting with Father’s teacher in dogmatics and Missionary Benedictine, Abbot Christian Schütz.

Sechtenhausen & Unterschneidheim, 4 November: Hl Mass & presentation at our member Fr Peter Winter’s parish.

Munich, 5 November: Hl Mass with the community St John the Baptist & presentation.

Puchheim, 6 November: Presentation for the scout group meeting our members Walter & Barbara Ruhland, Elena Schmidt, Silke Sehling & Beatrice Neher.

Nußdorf, 7 November: Father opened the jubilee project of Malteser Hilfsdienst in the archdiocese of Munich and Freising. They are celebrating the 50th anniversary of their foundation and decided to give their celebration a special aim by supporting our work, especially our hospice, children’s home and malnutrition clinic. (Picture: MHD Diocesan manager Christoph Friedrich & our member Gabi Rauecker)

St. Ottilien, 8 - 9 November: Presentations at Rhabanus Maurus High School & in the novitiate.

Gröbenzell, 9 November: Presentation organised by our member Felix Mallmann.

Augsburg, 10 November: Meeting with the head of the Diocesan Mission Department Prelate Dr. Bertram Meier.

Nabburg, 11 November: Presentation at Schmeller High School meeting our member Wolfgang Schneider.

Weiden, 12 November: Presentation at Augustinus High School (where Father Gérard matriculated in 1976)

St. Ottilien, 12 November: Presentation for the monastic community of the archabbey.

Bittenbrunn, 13 November: Hl Mass & Benefit wine feast organised by Mr & Mrs. Stutz.

Rudelzhausen, 14 - 15 November: Hl Mass & presentation at our most faithful benefactor Fr Georg Weinzierl’s parish.

Munich, 15 November: Life interview at Radio Horeb organised by our member Monika Reimer.

Regensburg, 15 - 16 November: Meeting with Bishop Dr. Gerhard Ludwig Müller, Hl Mass at Father’s home parish, presentation & visit to our member Mrs Inwald & family in Bach & press interview at “Mittelbayerische Zeitung” organised by our member Gregor Tautz.

Munich, 16 - 17 November: Radio interview by St. Michaelsbund, press interview by the Catholic News Agency, meeting with members of the Order of Malta by invitation of our member Nadine Baronesse Redwitz, Hl Mass & presentation for Malteser Hilfsdienst.

Eichstätt, 18 November: Presentations at Willibald High School.

Neuburg, 18 November: Another meeting with our honorary dedicated member & representative in Germany, Father’s brother Johannes.

Amberg, 19 November: Hl Mass & presentation at Holy Family Parish.

Eichstätt, 20 November 2004: A special highlight concluded Father’s fund-raising tour, a benefit concert “dialogues” by the Willibald High School at the University of Eichstätt. The Willibald High School chose us as the beneficiary of their Christmas fund-raising action this year.

Munich, 21 November: Our honorary dedicated members Hans & Albertine Sporer, who had hosted Father not less than ten times during his tour and are two of our most faithful supporters,

and our members, Fathers’s brother Johannes & sister Mechthilde say farewell to Father at Munich airport.

We are most grateful to them and to all others, who support our work so steadily and faithfully.

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