SMOM Lourdes Pilgrimage 2004

Since our Vice-President, Clare Kalkwarf first joined the team of the British Association of the Order of Malta (BASMOM) in 2001 it has become a tradition that the two members of the Order of Malta in South Africa, Mrs. Kalkwarf and Fr. Gérard participate in the pilgrimage alternatively.

2004 was Fr. Gérard’s turn and the pilgrimage turned out to become a very special event for our brotherhood. BASMOM takes their promise most seriously to support us in our work and the Hospitaller Peter Loyd superseded himself continuously to utilise every chance possible to fund-raise for us.

The organisers take good care of a well balanced holistic care for all pilgrims, i.e. that there are not only very fruitful and deeply moving spiritual and liturgical events (eucharistic celebrations, processions, stations of the cross, anointing of the sick etc.) but also lots of fun and socialising, which is a very special need for the sick pilgrims, who are often quite lonely and isolated in their home situation.

It was at the big pilgrimage party, where one of the hospital pilgrims, Mr. Tony Butler, who otherwise would have no chance to contribute to the welfare of other people, decided to “donate” his moustache to the Brotherhood of Blessed Gérard, but he would not part of it, unless we were “paid” for this. Within minutes the unbelievable amount of 8,600 Euro was raised for us and Mr. Butler’s moustache was publicly shaved.

Father Gérard did not only get a chance to make a presentation about our work to the pilgrimage group but he had also the special privilege to serve in his original profession by joining the nursing team and he enjoyed this greatly to exercise his multifaceted nursing pastoral monastic and missionary vocation.

Not only did BASMOM even pay for Father’s ticket and accommodation, but Peter Loyd joined the Brotherhood of Blessed Gérard as an active member and presented him with the most successful proceedings of his and BASMOM’s fund-raising activities.

We would like to express our most sincere and profound gratitude to Peter Loyd and the British Association of the Order of Malta for their wonderful support in so many different ways. We are proud and glad, that we are also part of your team at Lourdes and look forward to the pilgrimage in 2005. May God reward you richly for all your faithful help!

The members of the Brotherhood of Blessed Gérard at the 2004 SMOM Lourdes pilgrimage:
Jim Little, Lillian Molloy, Peter Loyd and Fr. Gérard

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