Brotherhood of Blessed Gérard

Blessed Gérard’s
Disaster Relief Project

We give medical assistance and care as a relief organisation in case of a disaster.

Blessed Gérard’s
Children’s Home

We look after and give a home to sick, neglected, abused, malnourished, abandoned and orphaned children.

Blessed Gérard’s

We run a Hospice to provide home based care, day care and inpatient care for needy sick people, suffering from HIV/AIDS, and train the public in home based care.

Blessed Gérard’s
Community Development Centre

We run a sewing school to fight unemployment and thus prevent HIV infection through dangerous alternate ways of income generation.

Blessed Gérard’s
Relief Fund

We help people in our local community in genuine cases of immediate need.

Blessed Gérard’s Care Centre

Blessed Gérard’s
Friendship Club

We organise meetings to enable the elderly to get out of their isolation and socialise with others.

Blessed Gérard’s
Bursary Fund

We give bursaries to poor pupils and students from our local community.

Blessed Gérard’s
HIV/AIDS Education Programme

We teach the public how to avoid HIV infection and how to live positively with AIDS.

Blessed Gérard’s
Poor Sick Fund

We help sick people from our local community, if they cannot afford urgently needed medical treatment.

Blessed Gérard’s
Malnutrition Clinic

We run a clinic, where we examine, treat and feed malnourished infants and teach their parent or carer in proper baby care.

Blessed Gérard’s
First Aid and Emergency Service

We offer First Aid and assist people in emergencies.

Blessed Gérard’s
Pre-Primary School and Crèche

We run a Pre-Primary-School and Crèche for underprivileged children.

Brotherhood of Blessed Gérard
P O Box 440
Mandeni 4490
Republic of South Africa

Phone +27 32 456 2743
Fax +27 32 456 7962


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