A special vote of thanks

to all our sponsors, donors and other supporters!

We finance all our work exclusively through donations and grants and depend entirely on them, as we do not sell services to pay for our expenses. We thank BASMOM, the SACBC Aids Office, the Benedictine Mission House in Schuyler/U.S.A., Nampak, Victor Claudius, the South African Sugar Association, the Missionary Benedictine Sisters in Namibia, the Holy Family Sisters, Mr. C. Hansard, Loungeweave, Mr. Albert Render, John & Helen Crook, Dawn & Roger Malcolm, the Nardini Sisters, Whirlpool, the St. Vincent de Paul Society Umhlali, the E.A. Stewart Trust and all our other benefactors for helping us to raise the funds to finance our free service to the poor and needy in our area. May God reward you abundantly for your generosity and faithfulness!

This page is part of the Newsletter No. 24 of the Brotherhood of Blessed Gérard

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