Christmas Wishes

May the faith of the light which continues to shine no matter how dark its surroundings are inspire your heart to shine against all odds.

May the faith of the shepherds who followed the message of the angels to go to Bethlehem inspire your heart to follow Gods message.

May the faith of St. Joseph who never gave up although nobody wanted to give him a place to stay inspire your heart to persevere.

May the faith of Mary who agreed to become the handmaid of the Lord inspire your heart to serve God without restriction.

May the faith of baby Jesus who entrusted himself into the hands of men to be born into poverty inspire your heart to entrust your life into God's hands.

May the faith of the saviour who became man inspire your heart to be filled with the grace of being created in God's image.

May our faith in Christ make Christmas what it is: The feast of faith that Christ is with us!


Merry Christmas!

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