Brotherhood of Blessed Gérard

Chronicle of January 2005

Our active member Heather Kalkwarf came to be with her parents over the Christmas holidays, got engaged to her fiancé Martin Ashmore and went back to England on 16.1.2005.

Two foreign volunteers, Sr. Johanna Stadler (until 15.5.2005) and Susanne Stauffer (until 29.8.2005) are still with us. Johanna's parents had come for a visit on Christmas Day 2004 and stayed with us until 7.1.2005.

3.1.2005: Blessed Gérard's Community Development Centre re-opens after Christmas holidays.

7. - 8.1.2005: Fr. Gérard visits our member Fr. Severin Pschorn O.S.B. to celebrate his name day with him in Nqutu.

13.1.2005: Executive Council Meeting

19.1.2005: Blessed Gérard's Pre-Primary School & Crèche: Back-to-School.

20.1.2005: Dedicated Members' Meeting

21.1.2005: We celebrate the birthday of our foreign volunteer Susanne Stauffer.

24.1.2005: Bongimpilo Susanne is baptised in danger of death. Johanna Stadler is the godmother.

24.1.-1.4.2005 Course in Home based Care and Caregivers' Course

27.1.2005: Executive Council Meeting.

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