Lillian's scoop

by Sr Sheilagh Schröder

On the occasion of Father Gérard's 50th birthday, this year, one of the gifts he received was a light weight aluminium scoop stretcher from Lillian Molloy, an Honorary Dedicated Member residing in the United Kingdom. She was volunteering in Blessed Gérard's Care Centre having given up her annual holiday to teach First Aid to our local volunteers.

Many of the homes we go into to fetch patients are very small and situated in rural areas. This often entails a walk over difficult terrain. The scoop stretcher has enabled us to negotiate sharp corners and steep slopes with relative ease. Once back at the ambulance, the patient is transferred to the ambulance stretcher and loaded into the ambulance.

Before Lillian left, she made sure that each and every member of staff, who might have occasion to use the scoop stretcher, was well rehearsed in the assembly, disassembly and length adjustment of it.

In many instances it has made our collection of patients so much easier, both for the patient and ambulance crew.

Thank you so much Lillian!

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