A pictorial report on the four-and-a-half last months in the life of our active member and designated Hospice Chaplain

Father Severin Pschorn O.S.B.

1 June 2005: (Fifth) myocardial infarction. Transfer to Entabeni Hospital Durban (Cardiac Intensive Care Unit)

2 June 2005: Still at the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit

6 June 2006: Shortly after the operation, where the blocked coronary artery was opened through insertion of a stent.

8 June 2005: Transfer to Blessed Gérard's Care Centre in Mandeni

11 June 2005: In Father Gérard's office enjoying a glass ... (of sugar free lemonade)

16 June 2005: Father Severin visiting Blessed Gérard's Children's Home

23 June 2005: In the dining room and passage of Blessed Gérard's Hospice

... and in the lounge of the resident volunteers

26 June 2005: Celebrating the solemnity of the patron saint of the Order of Malta, St. John the Baptist, at Blessed Gérard's Church

28 June 2005: Holy Mass

29 June 2005: Father Severin with Lillian Molloy in the dining room

1 July 2005: Vigil mass and celebration of Father Gérard's 50th birthday

5 July 2005: Father Severin was officially transferred to Blessed Gérard's Hospice in Mandeni and commissioned as the new Hospice Chaplain.

8 July 2005: Father Severin witnessing a First Aid Examination

8 July 2005: Farewell celebration for Max and Gabi Rauecker

9 July 2005: Holy Mass in the chapel of Blessed Gérard's Care Centre

23 July 2005: Sick visit at Entabeni Hospital in Durban.

25 July 2005: Father Severin being discharged from Entabeni Hospital again

25 July 2005: Welcome back home at Blessed Gérard's Care Centre

26 July 2005: Evening prayer at Blessed Gérard's Children's Home

30 July 2005: At the entrance to Blessed Gérard's Care Centre

23 August 2005: Welcome celebration for visiting Father Arnold Pirner and Rita Gleißner

24 August 2005: Holy Mass with Father Pirner

28 August 2005: Holy Mass with Father Pirner and Deacon Müller followed by a blessing of the children

28 August 2005: At an outing with Father Pirner

28 August 2005: Father Pirner presents a cheque

29 August 2005: At the farewell of Susanne Stauffer

14 September 2005: Father Severin's brother Helmut came to visit and reports on his journey to Canada

24 September 2005: Father Severin receives a new car which had been largely financed by MIVA Austria

24 September 2005: Welcoming Father Severin in his new flat in Blessed Gérard's Care Centre

4 October 2005: Farewell of Father Severin's brother Helmut in Father Severin's new flat

5 October 2005: Farewell of Father Severin's brother Helmut at Durban International Airport
- the last photo of Father Severin alive -

Father Severin passed away on 14 October 2005 at 9:45 a.m.



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