On 3 September 2005 an eight month old baby was found at the water pump in the local slum. Some young girls from the community, who had gone to fetch water, came across him. They picked him up and comforted him. One of them recognised the baby and fortunately, knew who the father is. They walked the four kilometres to the father’s house, only to find that he was not there. Nobody knew where he or the baby’s mother was.

Luckily for S'fundo, the young girls took him the local police, who in turn brought him to Blessed Gérard’s Children’s Home.

He lived and thrived in our care for two months. Two days ago a social worker phone to find out if we had a child by the name of S'fundo. Having verified all the details of the baby, as we know them, the social worker confirmed that she had the paternal grandmother in front of her.

On 16 November 2005 the police and the grandmother came to fetch S'fundo.

The tears of gratitude at the reunion of the granny and baby were very moving to say the least. This is indeed a happy beginning for a new life for S'fundo.

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