Thanks to our Donors!

Every day in Holy Mass we pray for the people who enable us to do our work through their prayers, donations and active help. A very special "Thank you" for your help in 2005 goes to Frŕ Matthew Festing, Mr. Peter Loyd & the British Association of the Order of Malta (BASMOM), Fr. Volker & the Benedictine Mission House in Schuyler/U.S.A., Sr. Alison Munro & the AIDS Desk of the SACBC, CRSC and PEPFAR, SAPPI, Wedigo Graf von Schweinitz & the Canadian Association of the Order of Malta, Mr. Victor Claudius, the South African Sugar Association, Tongaat-Huletts, Sr. Eobarda & the Nardini Sisters, Whirlpool, the family, relatives and friends of the deceased Mr. Nene Ofuatey-Kodjoe and Diversity Films, Loungefurn, the Little Flower Convent, Sr. Edith & the Holy Childhood Convent, Rev. Deacon Carter, SEC Electrical, D H O'Flaherty, Metalix, Mr. Robin Götsch and all other donors.

A very special mention is due to Peter Loyd, the Hospitaller of BASMOM. Due to his unfailing fervour and enthusiasm and the help of many wonderful people like Lillian Molloy, BASMOM has become our main donor and we are deeply indebted for their great support.

Another unparalleled champion of charity is our active member, Mr. Victor Claudius. He is the most dedicated, diligent, hard working and persevering private fundraiser we have ever come across. Nothing is too much for him and he has permanently new ideas on how to get all these most needed donations.

A wholehearted "Thank you" to all of you, our donors.

May God reward you in his abundant measure for your generosity and care!

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