Life and Death - Heaven and Hell

Reverend Deacon Thomas Müller and his wife Angelika Müller are in their second year of a three-year voluntary service which they render at Blessed Gérard's Care Centre in Mandeni, South Africa. We had asked him to write articles for the German press and magazines as part of our public relations work. His articles were so well written that we translated them into English and want to share them with you in this newsletter.

Deacon Müller reflects on our work from his angle and although all the stories are real and true, he has sometimes amalgamated several cases and scenarios into one story and - of course - he has replaced the names of the patients with pseudonyms. Doing so no person in our care can be identified and their anonymity and dignity is safeguarded.

Enjoy reading his articles now:

Angels in the hell of AIDS

Being on first-name-terms with the AIDS death

Khethiwe may live

This people dies in my heart as well


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