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2 September - 29 November 2007: Harry Hine, a registered nurse and paramedic from Germany, comes to us to do practical training for his study as a social worker.

3 September 2007: Our Sipho Qeda from Blessed Gerard's Children's Home passes away at Stanger Hospital after long sickness.

6 September 2007: Our Hospice chaplain Father Herfried Holzgassner O.S.B. dies in hospital in Ballito after he had suffered a massive stroke the day before.

7 September 2007: We celebrate the Funeral Mass for Sipho Qeda from our Children's Home at Blessed Gerard's Church, then we bury him at the cemetery of Inkamana Abbey.

10 September 2007: Our Hospice Chaplain Father Herfried Holzgassner O.S.B. is buried at Inakamana Abbey.

15 - 29 September 2007: Fr. Gérard teaches a HAART Information course to prepare patients and their helpers for antiretroviral treatment.

18 September 2007: Marcelle Joubert from HPCA visits us to help us with Hospice statistics.

20 September 2007: Dedicated Members' Meeting of the Brotherhood of Blessed Gérard

29 September - 10 October 2007: Fr. Gérard joins the SMOM Holy Land Pilgrimage. He published his photos at

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