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13 November 2007: Fr. Gérard attended the quarterly meeting of the HAKZN in Durban.

15 November 2007: Dedicated Members' Meeting of the Brotherhood of Blessed Gérard

16 November 2007: Evander Lucas from Blessed Gerard's Children's Home is awarded three certificates of Merit by Little Flower Primary School in Eshowe: One for first position in class and two for outstanding academic achievements

16 - 24 November 2007: Our member Gregor Tautz from Germany visits us again. It was because of his article "Eine neue Heimat für die Aids-Waisenkinder von Mandini" from 30 June 2002 in the Regensburg Diocesan Newspaper, that Miss Susanne Stauffer decided to come to us. Mr. Tautz records several interviews about our work and made many pictures, which he will use for public relations in radio and press in Germany.

17 November 2007: Children from Blessed Gerard's Children's Home enjoy religious information in Father Gerard's lounge

17 November - 1 December 2007: Fr. Gérard teaches a HAART Information course to prepare patients and their helpers for antiretroviral treatment.

21 November 2007: Our unbeatable trio: Carolyn Nunn (secretary), Susanne Stauffer (administrator) & Caroline Beaumont (member of management committee)

21 November 2007: Our therapeutic counsellor Wiseman Zulu makes home visits.

22 November 2007: Mrs Biyela models our new winter uniform jerseys.

23 November 2007: Caroline Beaumont models our new uniform kitchen aprons.

24 November 2007: Our children from Blessed Gerard's Children's Home who attend pre-primary school at their year-end celebration.
Brian and Mpilwenhle "graduated" to enter primary school next year.

30 November 2007: Blessed Gerard's Pre-Primary School & Crèche celebrates its year-end function with "graduation" of 15 children, who will attend primary school in 2008.

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