The summit of the year 2007

Investiture of the new Dedicated members

Father Sipho Titus, Miss Susanne Stauffer and Deacon Thomas Müller

Our statutes read in No. 5.1.1.: "The Dedicated Members of the Brotherhood devote themselves with all their heart, with all their soul and with all their strength (cf. Dtn 6.5) to Jesus Christ and his body, the church (cf. 1 Cor 12.27), by striving to be the yeast (cf. Gal 5.9) of God's love in their entire life as members of their family, community, at their work and in their leisure time. Over and above this, their special task is to initiate, facilitate, guide, support and bear responsibility for the activities of the Brotherhood. For the Dedicated Membership only baptised and confirmed members of the Roman Catholic Church qualify, who are known for their outstanding character, loyalty to the Church and good Christian life. Cessation of the membership in the Church automatically terminates the Dedicated Membership in the Brotherhood."

Father Sipho, Miss Stauffer and Deacon Mueller made their private promise:

"Lord Jesus Christ! In your Grace you have called me to serve you in the Brotherhood of Blessed Gérard. I ask you at the intercession of our patron saints Mary, the Blessed Virgin and Mother of God, St. John the Baptist and the founder of the Order of St. John, Blessed Gérard Tonque: Give me the courage, to live the faith in you as a convincing example and to meet our neighbour in charity, especially the needy aged, disabled, sick and injured. Give me the needed strength, to live as an upright Christian selflessly in the spirit of your Gospel according to this resolution, to the honour of God, for the peace in the world and the welfare of our society. I hereby promise to protect the faith and to serve the poor of our Lord Jesus Christ by devoting myself to the apostolate of the Catholic Church in Works of Charity as a Dedicated member of the Brotherhood of Blessed Gérard. I devote myself with all my heart, with all my soul and with all my strength to Jesus Christ and his body, the Church. I will strive to be the yeast of God's love in my entire life as a member of my family, at my work and in my leisure time. May God help me, guide me and strengthen me to fulfil what he has called me to. Amen."

Then they signed their promise at the altar.

Abbot Godfrey blessed the capes for the new dedicated members: "God uses signs to express his extraordinary mercy toward us. We also use signs to express our gratitude, declare our willingness to serve God, and profess to be resolved to live up to our baptismal consecration. This cape is a sign of entering the Brotherhood of Blessed Gérard as a Dedicated Member. The cape thus expresses the intention of living in the spirit of that association. That intention renews our baptismal resolve to put on Christ with the help of Mary, whose own greatest desire is that we become more like Christ in praise of the Trinity, until, dressed for the wedding feast, we reach our home in heaven. Almighty God, bless + these capes and give those who wear them the grace to live up to the promise they have made to implement the beatitudes of the Sermon on the Mount by protecting the faith and serving the poor. This we ask through Christ our Lord. Amen."

and the dedicated members Dr. and Sister Thabethe invested the new dedicated members with the cape while Father Gerard said: "Receive this cape as the sign of your acceptance as a Dedicated Member into the Brotherhood of Blessed Gérard. Live in such a way that, with the help of the mother of God, St. John the Baptist and Blessed Gérard, you may more and more put on Christ, who redeemed us by his blood, for the glory of the Trinity and for the service of the Church and of your neighbour. Amen."

and Abbot Godfrey gave them a special blessing: "May almighty God bless you with his gentle kindness and give you the vision of his saving wisdom. Amen. May he continue to nourish you with the teaching of faith and enable you to remain steadfast in doing what is right. Amen. May he turn your steps always toward him and lead you along the pathway of peace and charity. Amen. And may almighty God bless you all, the Father, and the Son, + and the Holy Spirit. Amen."

Prayer for the Dedicated Members: "O God, the author and perfecter of all holiness, you call all who are reborn of water and the Holy Spirit to the fullness of the Christian life and the perfection of charity. Look with kindness on those who devoutly received this cape of the Brotherhood of Blessed Gérard. As long as they live, let them become sharers in the image of Christ your Son and, after they have fulfilled their mission on earth with the help of Mary, the Virgin Mother, Blessed Gérard and all the Saints receive them into the joy of your heavenly home. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen."

Finally the other dedicated members welcomed the new ones into their ranks.

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