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4 January 2008: Our Spiritual Supporter Member and patient Angela Aralandi died. Father Gérard celebrated her Requiem Mass on 7 January 2008 at Blessed Gérard's Church.

11 January 2008: 2230 hrs: Blessed Gérard's Children's Home is full again. The last vacancy was taken over by Mbali Susanna - as we called her - today. Mbali's mother had visited her ex-boyfriend, laid Mbali onto his bed and disappeared. According to the police report the boyfriend has no idea where his ex-girlfriend stays now, whether or not he is the real father and he is in no position to look after the child because he has neither an income nor knows how to deal with a new born. The police had sent him to the government social workers and the social worker simply told him that she could not help him either. So it is us again, who - for the child's sake - are prepared to look after her and we fell in love with her at an instant. How else could it be?

16 January 2008: Back to school (The academic year starts in January in South Africa). The children of Blessed Gérard's Children's home are on their way to school.

17 January 2008: Mbali visits Father.

21 January 2008: We celebrate Susanne Stauffer's birthday.

23 January 2008: RHI Refractories opened a large factory in iSithebe. They handed over a cheque for R220,000.00 (22.000,-- Euro) at the occasion of the opening as a first instalment to pay for the new Offices and staff accommodation as part of our Extensions to Blessed Gérard's Care Centre. See: RHI-PA_Isithebe_250108_e, Blessed Gérard blessed by foreign investor,

24 January 2008: Meeting of the Dedicated Members.

26 January - 9 February 2008: Father Gérard gives a HAART Information Course to prepare AIDS-Patients, their relatives and supporters for antiretroviral treatment.

28 January 2008: Johan Viljoen, der project coordinator of the antiretroviral treatment programme of the South African Catholic Bishops' Conference come for a visit to finalise our budget for 1.3.2008 - 28.2.2009. He has a great plan in his heart how he could possibly fundraise for us in big style in his private capacity.

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